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Welcome to GoDutch

"The shop to be for special products in the Algarve"


A shop specializing in traditional Dutch produce and a varied assortment of Oriental foods


For example our:

Dutch white asparagus, fresh herring, Dutch prawns, smoked eel, real Dutch cheeses.

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About us 

GoDutch is a small shop in the town of Lagos.

We have a wide range of products.  Our assortment is based on typical Dutch products like cheese, smoked eel, liquorice and fresh specialities such as Dutch white asparagus and Herring. We also stock a wide selection of Indonesian and Azian food products.

If there is something specific that you are looking for we will be happy to try to arrange that for you.

For those who want larger quantities we can also arrange larger sizes.


To be informed of our special offers and promotions please sent us your e-mail address and we will include you in our client mailing list!


We also sell and deliver to restaurants, so if you are an owner or a chef have a look at our product list to get an indication what's around!!

Or give us a call so we can inform you about our assortment.

Our products 

Some of our Dutch products: 

- Freshly cleaned herring

- Smoked mackerel

- Smoked eel

- Dutch prawn's

- Dutch white Asparagus (Seasonal bound)

- Smoked sausage

- Cyrup cookies

- Croquettes (meat ragout to deep-fry)

- Frikandellen (meat sausage to deep-fry)

- Different Dutch cheese's (Beemster, Gouda, Old Amsterdam etc)

- Winter soups (pea, brown bean etc)

- Meatballs, osseworst, filet american

- New year's oliebollen and apple beignets

- Wide range of liquorice

- Topping's for bread (Apple syrup, Chocolate sprinkles etc)

- Rond rusks and cracker's

- Zaanse Mustard and Mayonaise


Some of our Asian products:

- Wide range of Sambal 's

- Ketjap

- Soya sauce

- Fish sauce

- Hoisin sauce

- Oyster sauce

- Chilli sauce (normal and spicy)

- Wide range of Sate sauce

- Mirin

- Sake

- Wide range of spice's and herb's

- Coconut milk

- Prawn crackers

- Mae Ploy, curry paste

- A variety of Noodles

- Pastry for spring rolls

- Typical Indonesian spice's, sauce's, herb's etc.


- Bapao

Opening hours  

Tuesday till Friday from 10.00 till 16.00

Saturday from 10.00 till 14.00


Av. do Cabo Bojador, lote 6, loja F, 8600 Lagos

Phone: (00351) 282 096 216

E-mail: or

Contact us 

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